Safety Backed Mirrors


Standard Mirrors can have a Polypropylene Mirror backing applied to them to provide a safety film, which 'holds' the mirror together preventing large sections of mirror from falling in case of breakages.


The safecoat film is tested to the current European Standards BS EN 12600 and has a Class 2B2 pass.



Laminated Mirrors


The lamination of mirrored glass can allow mirrors to be used in a larger range of applications than standard mirrored glass.


Options include: 


Rear Laminated Mirrors:        by having standard float glass laminated to the rear you create a mirror which is

protected from the weather prolonging its life span


Double Sided Mirrors:              perfect for bathroom cabinet applications


Front Laminated Mirrors:       by applying a piece of glass to the face of the mirror, strength and protection can be

added. Mirrors can be made even strong enough to walk on!!