Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass which holds together when broken due to the “interlayer” of Ethylene-vinyl

acetate (EVA). The glass can be toughened or annealed depending on its usage. Usages include canopies, well covers, floor panels, stair treads, door inserts and other high security areas.

At GGP Glass Ltd we have our own laminating oven on site which allows us to laminate any thickness of glass together and create products to each individual customer’s requirements.


Cracked Ice effect – Laminating 3 layers of float glass together (1 toughened and 2 annealed) and breaking the middle, toughened, piece of glass. This decorative finish can be used for furniture, interiors and installations.

Inserts – wire mesh, fabric and other inclusions can be placed between the pieces of glass along with the interlayer and can be laminated together.

Satin effect – an opaque interlayer of various densities can be laminated between the pieces of glass. This keeps the glass opaque even when wet, unlike sandblasted.

Coloured Glass – A range of colours can be used with the laminator. This allows the glass to have a gloss finish on both sides unlike painted splash backs which only have the gloss finish on one side. Usages include cubicle doors and panels, and other wet areas or those exposed to the “elements”


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