Etched Glass

Lievmadras® is a pure float glass with surprising, indeed unique, decorative properties produced by a very special process. The pattern is actually part of the glass but doesn’t affect the smoothness of the surface, and the effect changes in depth with the angle from which you look at it. Touching is believing. A delicate nuance of white highlights the outline of the pattern here and there, and enhances the silky effect of the satin finish.


Lievmadras® is thus a new concept in glass; a new creative tool in fact. It can be laminated and toughened for interior and exterior applications, even on a large scale, wherever shielding is required without compromising luminosity.


Applications: Lievmadras® is ideal for all traditional construction purposes and also, thanks to its decorative properties, in interior architecture too, being perfect for:

  • Doors
  • Partitions
  • Windows
  • Balustrading
  • Tables
  • Kitchens
  • Furniture units
  • Showers