Antique Mirrors


This range of reproduction antique mirrors and coloured mirrors, achieved with a special silvering technique, is comparable to an explosion of colour which creates a three-dimensional effect on the surface. With over 30 years experience, a method of applying special patented procedures and exquisitely artisan techniques has been developed allowing the company to create mirrors and glass with astonishing, innovative features.


The range of application is almost unlimited: interior finishes, panelling for ceilings, walls and columns for a wide range of interiors, inserts for antique and modern furniture, plus composite panels and tiles.







Available Thickness:     4mm or 6mm  

                                                 Bronze Bianco E Nero in 5mm only


Sheet Size:                          2400mm x 1220mm

                                                 Bronze Bianco E Nero 2400mm x 1070mm


*Please note: these colours are for representation purposes only. Due to the production process, patterns and consistency vary between sheets. A sample can be despatched if required. These colours may present little oxidations or blind spots; they underline the unique style of mirror artificially aged. This is not an imperfection but purposely done to obtain a vintage effect. These aesthetic changes may happen later than the installation.*